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At Human Capital Solutions, our goal is to help companies streamline their HR management and reduce costs through comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services. We understand that managing human resources can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why we offer our expertise to handle these needs for you.

With an extensive knowledge of the market and a deep understanding of different companies, we can help you choose the right HR partner for your business. We also offer expertise in cost estimation, contract negotiation, and restructuring to help you bring down current and future costs. Let us handle your HR needs so you can focus on your core business.

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Personal Outsourcing Solution

Human Capital Solutions offers RPO services such as research of candidates, tracking compliance, training hiring managers, audits and reporting, consulting on technology, and process mapping to help companies efficiently and effectively recruit the right talent. Our services serve as an extension of your own HR department, providing a customized solution different from a staffing agency or head hunter.

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Sourcing Suppliers

Human Capital Solutions provides a unique approach to sourcing suppliers for your business. We find, qualify, and introduce you to suppliers who may not be found on the web. Our services include specialized quality control and project monitoring, ensuring that your suppliers are selected from a diverse and robust database. Trust Human Capital Solutions to provide reliable, specialized support for your business.

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Price Negotiation

Human Capital Solutions can help you negotiate pricing with your current manpower outsourcing suppliers and reduce costs. We can also assist with tender negotiations and consider factors such as consumer ability to pay, market conditions, competitor strategies, trade margins, and input costs. Our expertise in various pricing strategies, including premium, penetration, economy, and skimming, allows us to effectively meet your pricing objectives.